Kelk 2010 Calligraphy Software (Latest Version)


Kelk 2010 Calligraphy Software (Latest Version) | 92 Mb
 Now with the power of Kelk, you can type your favorite piece of text, poem or verse and watch its information into beautiful Callgraphaic fonts such as Nastaleegh, Naskh (Osman Taha), Thuluth, Shekasteh, Tahriri, Naskh (Baghdadi), Divani Jali, 

Divani Khafi.It is also possible to use normal windows fonts in combination with callgraphaic fonts in artworks.

Download - Part 01 | 50 Mb

 Download- Part 02 | 42 Mb


  1. Usefull ware said...

    i can't download it. have you another download link? thanks

  2. SYED ANZARSHAH said...

    cant download

  3. usmanahmad said...

    i con not download

  4. usmanahmad said...

    i can't download plz give another down load link .i am waiting for your changes


  5. uk usa news and issues said...

    can't down load plz give way to download proper link where every member download easy


  6. Anonymous said...

    Give Me More Download

  7. Anonymous said...

    Please given me download links

  8. Focus Media Vision said...

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  9. Faheem said...

    This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.

  10. αвυвαкєя (๏̯͡๏) said...

    Bahii Jaaan Is Ko Again Upload Karr de Na Ab ya Koi Program nahii Hai Upload Karnee hai

    Aghar Nahii hai Tu Plz Is Post Ko Del Karr do Pher

  11. Shahrukh said...

    I have uploaded it on Rapidshare thanks to Focus Media Vision :)
    Please all download from here:

  12. MUHAMMAD AYAZ said...
    plzzzzz visit now

  13. Arshad Mehmood Bhutta said...

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